Our fleet consists of 40 trucks and approx. 55 trailers. These vehicles may be used for the following types of transport:

Conditioned Transport
Conditioned transport is the transport of goods under controlled conditions (e.g. temperature). Conditioned transport is intended for products such as plants and foodstuffs.

One aspect of conditioned transport is refrigerated transport. This is intended for vegetables, fruits and flowers. All our refrigerated trucks are equipped with ramps, on-board computers and temperature recording devices. This way we guarantee optimum control of temperature conditions. With its modern fleet of forty refrigerated vehicles, Cuppen Logistics can meet virtually every need of major growers and traders.

Part Load
We can transport your part load within the required time and at competitive rates. We have trucks available at major hubs in Germany and the Benelux. General cargo and part loads are loaded in our distribution centre and then prepared for transport to and from Germany. The combination possibilities are endless!

ADR Transport
Cuppen Logistics is specialised in transporting hazardous materials for chemical and plastics businesses and industries. Our own expert safety adviser provides our staff with advice and assistance.