Cuppen Logistics has more than earned its spurs in the transportation industry. The company was founded by Theo Cuppen in 1935. He started with the livestock and auction transport in the centre of Horst. From a garage and storage shed, Cuppen transported goods to their destination by horse and carriage. The company grew steadily.

After the war

After the war, Cuppen acquired several former army vehicles for faster and more efficient transport. In the years that followed, Cuppen’s four sons joined the company. Cuppen was able to further expand its activities. For example, the company started a transport service for the mushroom processing industry—a key sector in northern Limburg.


In 1985, Cuppen moved from the centre of Horst to the current address along the Venrayseweg. Because of the continued growth, three years later the site was expanded by 1500m². In 1987 Cuppen stopped transporting livestock. The company took a different approach. In addition to canned products, Cuppen increasingly focused on conditioned transport—for the fruit and vegetable sector, but also for the chemical industry.

Third Generation

Growth remained important. In 1995, a major expansion of 19,000m² took place. Part of this was rented out. In 2000, the third generation of the Cuppen family took over the business. Marc Cuppen—who at the time had worked several years for the company—became general manager.