Cuppen Coldstore


Cuppen Coldstore operates 60 cold stores with a total capacity of 30,000 pallet positions. Whether you want to rent a few pallet positions or an entire cold room, we are your ideal partner.

Storage possibilities
Thanks to the large number of cold rooms we operate, we can store a wide variety of chilled products. Besides storage for local produce such as strawberry plants, rose plants, Chinese cabbage, rhubarb pollen, chives and leeks, we also offer cold storage for eggs, flour, melons, grapes and many other products.

Constant temperature control
All of our cold rooms are IFS certified. Each cold room can be set individually to a temperature between -2 and +15 degrees Celsius. So we can always store your product at the most ideal temperature. Furthermore, all our cold rooms are also equipped with constant temperature monitoring.

Approved inspection site
As an additional service, we have obtained registration as an approved inspection site for the import of overseas fruit and vegetables.

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