We are active in:

  • The Nederlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • The Elzas (France)
  • Luxembourg


Conditioned transport is the transport of goods under controlled conditions (e.g. temperature). Conditioned transport is intended for products such as plants and foodstuffs.

One aspect of conditioned transport is refrigerated transport.
This is intended for vegetables, fruits and flowers.


Thanks to recent expansions, the diversity of products that Cuppen Coldstore can store has significantly increased. In addition to the storage of local products such as flower bulbs, strawberry plants, rose plants, Chinese cabbage, rhubarb pollen, chives and leeks, Cuppen Coldstore also provides cold storage of eggs, flour, melons, grapes and many other products.

Quality Assurance

Today, drivers transporting perishable goods must meet increasingly stringent requirements; both in terms of their driving skills and actions during loading and unloading. This makes sense, given the fact that food spoilage can be a danger to public health.

The government regularly introduces new laws in order to ensure additional food safety. An example of this is the International Food Standard (IFS).

Part Load

We can transport your part load within the required time and at competitive rates. We have trucks available at major hubs in Germany and the Benelux. General cargo and part loads are loaded in our distribution centre and prepared for transport to and from Germany. The combination possibilities are endless!